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Specific case study No. 1

Extensive green roof of the rescue services in Hradec Králové

Installation took place in the beginning of May under ideal climatic conditions, with the average temperature around 20°C.

Pre-cultivated mats area: 534 sqm
Execution: Greentop s.r.o.
Time of execution: May 2022

Greentop s.r.o. installed all the layers:

  • protective geotextile
  • Isover Flora mineral substrate
  • Extensive roof substrate
  • Pre-cultivated sedum mat SedumTopMat S/5

Specific case study No. 2

Extensive green roof of the production plant Jaguár Nitra, Slovakia

Installation of blankets on an extensive area of an administrative building. The green roof provides, among other things, a beautiful view for the employees.

Pre-cultivated mats area: 1 000 sqm
Material supplier: Ekrost s.r.o.
Time of execution: September 2018

We delivered the blankets on the Nitra green roof in the beginning of September 2018. The area was 1,000 sqm, which is the maximum capacity of a lorry truck. Installation took place immediately after delivery to the site, to the prepared sublayer. We harvest the blankets early in the morning, loading them in our nursery after midday. We can provide deliveries all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia within 24 hours to the construction site. Prior to blanket installation, the sublayer must be irrigated to its full capacity.

Specific case study No. 3

Extensive green roof in Žďár na Sázavou (a private investor)

Ideal combination of a green roof and photovoltaics on a family house in the Vysočina region.

Pre-cultivated mats area: 150 sqm
Execution: tazahrada.cz
Time of execution: April 2022

Green roof helps to prevent overheating of the roof structure, and thanks to evaporation it increases the solar panel function, delivering more energy. Vegetation evaporation cools down the bottom part of the panels increasing their efficiency and electricity production. If the air around the panels is too hot, their function may be compromised. Green roofs help to maintain the temperature around the panels around 25°C, an ideal temperature to produce solar energy.

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