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About Us

A closer look at Sedum Top Solutions s.r.o.


We are a relatively small company with great reach. Abroad, we came across the field in 2013, and progressively we worked our way to the ability to grow a first-class product in local conditions in our own, unique way. In 2016, we established our first 2‑hectar nursery in the Mělnicko region, and today, we are growing sedum blankets on 20 hectars  in Obříství in Mělnicko region and in Hradec Králové for our customers all over Europe (see Realizations).

The heart of our company consists of three partners, Hana, Roman and Antonín, who decided to use their hard-won experience from the corporate world in their own project with real value. We are bound by long friendship, a similar view of business, and a real interest in the environment. Along with dozens of our colleagues, we work hard to provide our customers with product that will make them happy and arrive on time.

Thanks to the fact that we did not become a big soulless company, we can flexibly and humanly deal with complex situations related to specific plant production and its logistics. We also execute big international projects (over 10 000 sqm – public transport green tracks, roofs for commercial centers…), but we will never turn away an end customer who wants a green roof. We know that every meter of a green roof counts.

Pre-cultivated sedum blankets from our nursery prosper, thanks to our own verified growing procedures (see Our Nurseries) in Southern lands as well as in the North of Europe. The diversity of sedum species guarantees that our blankets are beautiful, interesting, resilient and blossoming with all the colors in all seasons, which would not be possible if we only focused on high-scale production. We think that not only ecology, but also aesthetics matter.

Who is who

Hana Kocmanová

is the founder and the heart of Sedum Top Solutions. She is in charge of sales and logistics, being a reliable partner to our customers and external partners. She also promotes green infrastructure, presenting green roofs on conferences, webinars and trainings.

Her passion for ecological construction solutions was kindled when she was working in a Belgian installation company. In her career, she went through various types of companies, from family ones to the corporate world. She worked as a Chief Commercial Officer in a big development company, Business Developer representing the manufacturer of a cable transits and Client Manager in an Advertisement Agency.

If she is not behind a computer, on the phone with a customer, or at our nurseries, she is with her family or doing what she is passionate about: running through the forests of the Czech Vysočina, which is where she was born and lives with her family.

Roman Dunda

is the co-founder and the brain of the team. He is in charge of finances, planning and development for the long-term. He leverages his experiences with his own businesses in various fields (import, wholesale, real estate, advertising) he gathered in the previous years.

In his free time, he is a true sportsman. He plays hockey, badminton, handball, likes to ski and is the director of the Czech team of transplanted sportsmen. He lives an active family life, he likes to travel and he found his home in the Hradec Králové area.

Antonín Vejmelka

is one of the co-founding partners. Currently, he devotes most of his time to another company he manages, and in Sedum Top, he is more of a silent partner now. He follows trends and supports Hana anytime she needs it.


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